Who Are We?

We are a husband and wife team from Fort Collins, Colorado, working hard to create perfect personalized keepsakes for you and your loved ones!

Kevin started KR Maps in 2017 as a fun side project that turned into a full time career.

We started as a small Etsy shop, now with over 35,000 sales globally!


What We Do:

What is KR Maps?

We work one on one with every customer from start to finish designing a personalized, unique map for your home.

Our maps are great gifts for weddings, anniversaries, graduations, even business tracking where their guests are visiting from!

Our products require no assembly so that you can immediately start tracking your adventures. Your map will make for a perfect gift or personal addition to any room and will make for an excellent conversation piece!

  • Push Pin Maps:

    Personalized or Uncustomized
    World & US maps from vintage to modern styles

    Push Pin Maps 
  • Unique Poster Maps:

    Global Flight Patterns map, Uncustomized World or US Maps

    Poster Maps 
  • Custom Star Map Blue Two Person - 11x14" | Constellation Gift | Night Sky Custom Date and Location

    Star Maps:

    Create a Star Map that casecases a specific date or time, such as a wedding, first kiss or even a new family members birthdate

    Star Maps 
  • City Street Maps:

    City Streets of your most treasured locations, can be customized to any city

    Street Maps